Let Your Adventist Voice be Heard
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Modern Spiritualism

November 27, 2013



Author: Ken Lytle I just came across an article on The Christian Post website that talks about how a deceased nine year old child was seen in a photo watching over a family member.  It is truly amazing that people are believing the devil’s lies about what happens when you die.  This is a great […]

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Adventist Segregation

November 26, 2013



Where are the voices of concern in the Adventist Church when it comes to segregation of Adventist conferences, churches, and schools? Instead of seeking pure Christian unity and brotherly love in North America, we turn a blind-eye to the division of church members because of skin color and naively continue on as if nothing is […]

Ministry 101

November 16, 2013


Seeking Lost Lamb

Author: Ken Lytle Most people claim to be Christian.  You hear in the news, “We are a Christian nation.”  Yet we see very little Christianity being displayed in the world around.  The Bible has a lot to say about what it means to be a Christian… “Then the King shall say to those on His […]


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