Let Your Adventist Voice be Heard
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Ignoring Conviction

June 3, 2014



Author: Andrew Kerbs As I write this post, I am simultaneously writing a letter to my father. A letter God told me I should write two months ago. I chose not to. Since then my spiritual life has waned and dissolved in a murky shroud of lethargy, bouts of depression, and the reemerging serpent heads […]

Catholic Adventism

April 12, 2014



What does it mean to be an Adventist church minister and leader?  The Good Book says… And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. — Jeremiah 3:15 These shepherds are ministers, pastors, and other church leaders (including conference officials).  It is the responsibility of the spiritual leaders […]

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Modern Spiritualism

November 27, 2013



Author: Ken Lytle I just came across an article on The Christian Post website that talks about how a deceased nine year old child was seen in a photo watching over a family member.  It is truly amazing that people are believing the devil’s lies about what happens when you die.  This is a great […]

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