Adventist Hot Topics

Posted on March 28, 2010


The Bible is full of important topics that become HOT TOPICS because of preconceived ideas and personal preferences. Some Adventists think we should not waste our time discussing these topics. Could it be that we are afraid to talk about the issues because it might mean we have to change some of our current practices within the Church? Whatever the case may be, we need to stop messing around and begin to identify the areas we are struggling with and prayerfully take a stand for God. Let’s prayerfully discuss the issues, invite others to join us, and identify ways to ask our Church leaders to stand strong for truth.
What should we discuss? Adventist Structure, Adventist Professors in Adventist Schools, Adventist Education, Adventist Health System (Hospitals), Adventist Worship, Adventist Leadership, Evangelism, etc.

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