Please Desegregate God’s Church!!!

Posted on March 29, 2010


Here we are in the 21st Century and the Adventist Church is still segregated. In North America, we have black conferences and white conferences (this is the way they are known). At one time, the black and white color divide was very wide, but today our conferences have a mix of races and nationalities and it’s time to bring down the racial walls. Do we need to wait years for this to happen? No! Our GC, Division, and Union leaders can begin to cast the vision for desegregation right now.

Something to think about: When we get to heaven, there will NOT be a black street, white street, Asian street, Latino street, etc. We all have the same Father and it’s time we address this spiritual blemish. Let us pray God will speak to our Church leaders today. When the time is right, please talk to your local leaders about this problem in a loving way.

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