Posted on March 30, 2010


I feel like I’m voiceless in the Adventist Church. I see what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy says about truth, love, mission, etc. and wonder if the Church leaders are reading the same books. Year after year goes by and very few leaders truly stand up for Jesus. Our churches in developed countries are dying, our hospitals use secular methods and drug therapy, our educational institutions water down the theology of Jesus so to be accredited and culturally relevant, and the list could go on and on. Why aren’t our Adventist Church leaders standing up for God’s truth? We need to follow our heavenly Father example and have next to zero tolerance for open rebellion in churches, hospitals, and schools. How do we voice our concerns (in love) to our spiritual leaders? How can our voice be heard?

We will talk more about our educational institutions and medical ministry in future blogs. May the good Lord bless you with much wisdom and love as you seek Him first in all you say, do, and think.

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