How long should we allow evolution to be taught in an Adventist school?

Posted on April 1, 2010


The La Sierra University controversy is alive and well. Even with documented proof, the university administrators still allow evolution to be taught to our developing, young minds (school students).

“La Sierra biology professor Gary Bradley was quoted as saying, “It’s very, very clear that what I’m skeptical of is the absolute necessity of believing that the only way a creator God could do things is by speaking them into existence a few thousand years ago.” Bradley further noted, “That’s where my skepticism lies. That’s the religious philosophical basis for what I call the lunatic fringe.”

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How long should we allow professors to teach anti-Adventist (anti-Biblical) concepts and theories in our educational institutions? I personally attended a couple Adventist colleges and both times, I heard anti-Adventist concepts taught. In one of the colleges, I contacted the academic dean a number of times, just hoping he would intervene and put a stop to the theological heresy (JEDP Theory, etc.). After poisoning young minds for years, the professor eventually left the college and became a Sunday-keeping pastor.

Why must we be so slow to stand up for Jesus and His wonderful truth? Why can’t we just inform those who are employed by the Church that they will be held accountable to Adventist doctrine and if they cannot abide by it, they must move on?

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