1.5 Million Missing Members

Posted on April 9, 2010


I recently came across the below statement (www.allexperts.com):

During the July 2005 SDA General Conference, Bert Haloviak, director of Archives and Statistics for the Adventist world church, made the following statement:

…nearly 1.5 million left membership during the time period 2000 to 2005.  The bottom line for this quinquennium is that for every 100 accessions, more than 35 others decided to leave.  That total is considerably more than the 24 subtracted for every 100 added as reported at our last session in 2000…

These numbers are staggering.  1.5 million lost members in five years would not have happened if we, God’s Church, were visitor-friendly, family-focused, spiritually-balanced, and mission-driven on a consistent basis.  Most Adventist churches are stuck in a traditional rut and are content with the status quo.  Over the years we have seen frustrated church members and leaders begin to plant evangelical-style churches to get away from legalism, criticism, and out-of-date worship styles.  As our Church has become more divided and “politically correct,” it seems we have begun to lose our spiritual identity.  Many of our spiritual leaders are afraid to offend those who openly apostatize, thus weakening our Biblical foundation.  This attack on our foundation and loss of identity has caused thousands, if not over a million members to run from the Church God has raised up for a prophetic work in these last days.

The time has come for our church leaders to stand up for Jesus!  We need to hear our leaders make public statements that clearly proclaim to everyone that we are Seventh-day Adventists and this is what we believe (Jesus, Grace, Love, Creation, Sabbath, 28 Fundamental Biblical Beliefs, Mission, etc.).  Once we have a clear understanding of our spiritual identity, church members would then have a solid foundation to stand on.  Until then, we will continue to watch our children, family, and friends fall away from the Church. 

WHAT CAN WE DO?  Let’s begin to prayerfully discuss the issues and when the time is right hold our church leaders accountable to the wonderful truth God has given us.

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