Adventist News Needed

Posted on April 9, 2010


I am seeking documented Adventist news about our churches, church leaders, educational institutions, medical facilities, etc. Please e-mail me at if you have a story to tell. The world Church needs to know about churches, church leaders, school, and hospitals that do not support our Adventist faith. As we bring this information into the light, we can then hold our church leaders accountable to the work they are commissioned by God to do.  

Do you know pastors, hospital administrators, educators, conference, union, or division leaders who are teaching or promoting anti-Adventist theology and methodology?


1. I had an Adventist professor at PUC who promoted the homosexual agenda in his class.

2. I had two Adventist professors at Union College who taught anti-Adventist theology in their classes.

Jesus is coming soon!!! Now is the time for us to uplift Jesus in all of our hospitals, schools, and churches. Visitors and average members need to feel accepted and welcome at all time, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. As for our church, hospital, and school leaders, we need to hold them accountable to the wonderful truth God has blessed us with.

We should NEVER allow heresy and falsehoods to be taught to our children and members for long periods of time. The minute we hear or see something that goes against our Adventist (Biblical) faith, we should personally and loving approach the person, asking him or her to stay on tract. If that does not work, we should share what we have learned with the leaders in place who have the ability and authority to tackle the issue. These leaders should approach the individual and loving ask him or her to teach or preach only that which is supported by the Adventist fundamental beliefs (and church policy). If the individual still chooses to teach or preach heresy, he or she should be replaced with someone who loves the Lord and His truth. We need zero tolerance for heresy in the Adventist Church (always in love).

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