Adventist Ash Wednesday

Posted on April 14, 2010


Some Adventists have experimented with Jewish festivals over the years wanting to tap into some Old Testament blessings.  This experimentation has generated some good debates and only a handful of Adventists try to implement these festivals. 

Now on to something new…  I recently was told about an Adventist church in California that celebrated Ash Wednesday.  Not knowing much about the religious day, I tried really hard not to take a stand for or against it until I could learn more.  Here is what I learned:  

“The Wednesday after Quinquagesima Sunday, which is the first day of the Lenten fast. The name dies cinerum (day of ashes) which it bears in the Roman Missal is found in the earliest existing copies of the Gregorian Sacramentary and probably dates from at least the eighth century. On this day all the faithful according to ancient custom are exhorted to approach the altar before the beginning of Mass, and there the priest, dipping his thumb into ashes previously blessed, marks the forehead of each the sign of the cross” (Catholic Encyclopedia).

Wanting to know more about the Gregorian Sacramentary, I kept looking and found the below statement: 

“A liturgical book ascribed to Pope Saint Gregory I, called sometimes the Sacramentary of Adrian I, owing to the fact that he sent it to Charlemagne between the years 781 and 791 when the latter wished to introduce the Roman Rite into his kingdom” (New Catholic Dictionary).

I don’t know about you, but it seems Ash Wednesday is one day we can leave to our Catholic friends.

See the Adventist Ash Wednesday video clip for yourself –

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