You Are Called!

Posted on April 21, 2010


A few people have told me this blog is not helpful to the overall Seventh-day Adventist Church.  I have thought and prayed about it, asking God for wisdom and have come to the conclusion that this is just what we need.  We need to talk about the issues.

As fallen human beings, we are addicted to sin and the first step to recovery is admitting we have a problem.  God’s Seventh-day Adventist Church is currently struggling to follow the blueprint He has given through inspiration.  Many of our churches are sleepy, schools compromising truth for numbers, and medical facilities utilizing secular methods instead of God’s plan.  For us to overcome and have victory as a Church, we must identify and admit we have a few problems that need to be surrendered into the hands of God.    

I love this Church and want to see us achieve the goals God has set before us (taking Jesus to the whole world).  Things will never be completely perfect, but we can ask our top church leaders to hold lower level leaders accountable to the wonderful truth God has given.  If a leader cannot hold those under him accountable, he should receive a couple warnings and extra education if needed.  If this does not work, the leader should be removed ASAP (especially before great harm is done to the Church/God’s people).  

I would love to see…

  • Pastors and conference employees who are serious about Jesus, Adventist theology, and our mission.     
  • Educational administrators, professors, and teachers who are serious about Jesus, Adventist theology, our mission, and creating schools that do not compromise truth for numbers (more to come).
  • Hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses who are serious about Jesus, Adventist theology, our mission, and creating medical facilities that implement God’s health message. 

I know we can accomplish these goals.  Let’s pray, pray, and pray some more for wisdom and a desire to trust and obey our Lord and Savior.  Let’s also encourage and hold our Church leaders accountable to the wonderful truth we have (in a humble and loving way).  The harvest is ripe!  Let’s go to work!!!

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