What happened to Adventist higher education?

Posted on April 23, 2010


Back in the day, our Adventist colleges were called missionary schools.  Now they are accredited, liberal art schools.  Most of our young people travel through our liberal art schools without being trained for active missionary work.  A majority attend our schools because they can receive a somewhat secular education while making their parents happy at the same time.   

Many of our colleges and universities support very secular and worldly activities so to keep the unconverted satisfied and enrolled.  From the opening meet and greets to weekly worship services, you will find everything from Pentecostal style music (Rock & Roll) to watered-down theology. 

While attending one of our Adventist colleges in the Midwest, I saw students being forced to attend worship services that utilized Rock & Roll music just so they could receive their quarterly worship credits.  These students communicated their beliefs to school officials who did not care and continued to enforce the worship credit rule. 

I feel sorry for our young people who spend four plus years in our schools that utilize a worldly worship style and then have to go back to the cold, traditional churches in average town USA.  We need our churches and schools to work together to create an unified balance in worship style.  Gone are the days when organ and hymn music only is effective, but at the same time, we know the average church will not embrace the Pentecostal worship style that many of our colleges and universities are using.       

If our schools and churches work to develop a worship style that utilize a mix of uplifting hymns and spiritual praise songs, we might see our young people more satisfied when making the transition between school churches and average town churches.     

We need to have colleges and universities that are created for the purpose of making modern-day missionaries for the harvest work.  It should not matter what course of study a student receives, all degrees should be mission-focused.  Students need to learn how to use their graphic design degree, accounting degree, medical degree, etc. for the mission field.  Every student should know that they are being trained for the mission field before they enroll in our schools.  If they want a secular degree with no mission training, they can attend a public school. 

FYI – I currently do not like the lack of mission that most of our colleges and universities have, but at the same time, I would be just as disappointed if our schools became like the self-supported schools.  The two extremes are harmful to our overall mission and we need to find a healthy balance if our young people are going to receive the training they need to become active, modern-day disciples in these end times.  

E-mail me at AdventistMissionary@yahoo.com to share info about schools that need to be held accountable.  Our young people need people like you and me to stand up Jesus and the wonderful truth He has given.  Share what you think by leaving a comment.       

I had a video clip here of a college talent show and thought it was recorded at one of our colleges (same name).  I have seen what kind of secular music is played in our schools and pray that our educational leaders would raise the standard. 

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