Adventist Education and Accountability

Posted on April 26, 2010


I’m going to stay on the subject of our Adventist education for a little while longer.  I have attended our Adventist schools most of my life – elementary through college (attending at least nine Adventist schools).  Even though the experience has been mostly positive, attending our schools can be like playing Russian Rolette.  If you keep pulling the trigger, you will eventfully get shot.

I’ve had to put up with everything from mentally abusive teachers to spiritually abusive professors.  It seems that we are afraid to hold our spiritual leaders accountable to high standards and principles.  One of our “high up” spiritual leaders recently said, “We need to have a pastoral heart for our educational leaders.”   Excuse me?  You mean to tell me that a little spiritual arsenic is acceptable?  I don’t know about you, but losing even one student because of heresy/apostasy is unacceptable.       

I believe it’s time for our spiritual leaders (divisions, unions, conferences, schools, pastors, and medical facilities) to be held accountable to the wonderful, lifesaving truth God has blessed our Church with.  ALL of our Church leaders should believe and teach the 28 Fundamental Beliefs (all are grounded in the Word of God).  If we want to have a Biblically sound and unified Church, we need to screen all potential and current Church leaders on a regular basis.  Whenever leaders deviate from the fundamentals, they should be kindly warned.  If the warning does not work, they should be removed from leadership ASAP so not allow the spiritual poison to spread to our church members and school students.  

Let’s pray the Holy Spirit will give us and our Church leaders the wisdom we need to restructure our Church into a brighter beacon of light. 

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