Unhappy Spectrum Magazine Author – Women in Minsitry

Posted on April 29, 2010


A Spectrum Magazine author is not very happy about Doug Batchelor’s new website…  www.WomenMinistryTruth.com

The ultra liberals in the Church are determined to make the Adventist Church into an average evangelical denomination.  I don’t blame them for wanting the Church to become more relevant, visitor-friendly, and spiritually-balanced, but going from one extreme to the other is not the answer. 

There are certain Adventist beliefs that are Biblically sound and should not be tampered with.  If our Church leaders were supporting and holding those below them accountable to our solid belief system, we would not see the Church being divided on an issue like women pastors and ordination.

The time has come for us to embrace the wonderful truths God has blessed us with in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.  If we were to believe and implement even half of the guidance given through the Spirit of Prophecy, we would see Adventist homes become more healthy (spiritually, mentally, and physically).  For example: Instead of dumping our children in daycares and feeding them fast food, we would see mothers becoming homecare professionals. 

Read “Adventist Home” and see what is written about what it means to be a wife and mother.  This doesn’t mean a woman can’t get an education and seek a career.  It just means that our Adventist women would make their families more important.  Once the children are old enough to go to school, I believe that women, who feel called to the ministry, should seek jobs as hospital chaplains, Bible teachers, Bible workers, and evangelists. 

The Bible teaches that God created gender roles at the fall and must remain in place until He returns.  Read past posts for more info…

Here is a link to the article that attacked Pastor Doug and his ministry:  http://www.spectrummagazine.org/blog/2010/04/28/doug_batchelor_launches_anti_women_ordination_website

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