La Sierra University Responds Again

Posted on May 5, 2010


La Sierra University has recently released another response in defense of their stance in the evolution vs. creation debate (April 1, 2010).  Instead of saying, “We are sorry for not protecting our Adventist young people from the evolution poison,” or “We are sorry for hiring professors who believe in and teach evolution,” or “We should have taken care of this problem a lot sooner,” they continue to defend themselves and do very little to right the wrong. 

La Sierra University officials say:

– The teaching of origins on SDA campuses is complex.

– They will “appoint an ad hoc committee to develop strategies to encourage faith-based methodologies in the teaching of science on Adventist campuses.”  

– They have “already begun teaching a new class for all freshmen biology students to help prepare them to navigate issues of faith and science.”

– There is “group of critics who are unhappy with the pace of decision-making at a church organization.”

Read the response for yourself:

I don’t know about you, but I believe the teaching of origins should be somewhat simple when using the Word of God.  When you couple the Word with faith, you get truth and that is good enough for me.  When it comes to the whole “ad hoc committee” portion of their plan, I just have to wonder why a committee has to be formed to enforce one of our basic 28 Fundamental Beliefs.  These beliefs should be the starting point for all of our pastors, professors, and conference employees.  And another thing, why do they need to have a new class for freshmen biology students to prepare them for navigating issues of faith and science if all of the science classes are Biblically sound?  Last but not least, concerned Adventists should be unhappy with the pace the university is going to clean up this mess.  Once a professor or pastor is caught teaching something that contradicts our Biblical beliefs, he or she should be warned a couple times and monitored, if this doesn’t work, they should be removed ASAP from the position. 

If you really think about it, the evolution vs. creation debate shouldn’t even be a debate in Adventism.  Why is this so difficult to understand for our educational leaders at LSU?  Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will teach and convict the hearts of our leaders at LSU and those at the Union level.    

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