Adventist Education Robs the Bank

Posted on May 13, 2010


There has got to be a better way for our Adventist young people to get an Adventist education. As of now, some Adventist academies offer/promote educational loans as an option. From there parents and students take on thousands upon thousands of dollar loans to get through our colleges and universities. Once our young people have completed 4-6 years of school, they are slaves to the loans for most of their career life.

Whatever happened to our Missionary Schools? Now days, our young people cannot afford to volunteer time to be full-time missionaries. Instead of offering quality Adventist education at a very discounted price, we charge almost $100,000 for a four-year degree (tuition, books, lodging, and food).

I would love to see our pastors, teachers, professors, medical professional, and conference employees receive a healthy stipend, benefits, free housing, and free Adventist education. Adventist leaders are full-time missionaries and should not be paid secular paychecks to do the work of God. If this were to take place, we would be able to charge a lot less for our Adventist education and have more funds available for real missionary work. Adventist employees would not need big paychecks if they did not have to worry about huge school loans and housing.

Back in the day, all of our educational institutions had faculty and staff housing. Now day, we are selling these houses off and pay professors and administrators hefty paychecks so they can buy bigger and better houses for themselves.

What can we do? Here are a few ideas…

1. Recast the vision of what it means to be an active missionary in the Church.

2. Create a school loan pay-off program for Adventist employees.

3. Provide free housing for pastors, teachers, professors, administrators, etc.

4. Restructure the financial payment plan for Church employees (stipend, benefits, retirement)

5. Reduce tuition costs at all of our schools (college and universities should not cost much more than academy).

6. Train our young people to be modern-day missionaries in every line of work.

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