Women Ordination Pushed on a Conference

Posted on June 16, 2010


A female pastor in one of the Adventist conference in the North American Division is about to be ordained/commissioned.  The lay-people have communicated their displeasure of the conference hiring a female pastor at the last constituency meeting and were told there would be a future venue to discuss this subject.  They are now preparing to ordain/commission the female pastor and the discussion never took place.  The conference pastors and lay-people have been “preached” at in numerous meetings, having this agenda pushed very aggressively, but never having been provided a venue to prayerfully share theological ideas and convictions. 

The ordination/commissioning service is just around the corner.  Many church members and pastors are spending hours talking about this subject one-on-one and in little groups, wondering why the conference leaders are pushing a very questionable belief by force.  Now pastors and lay-people have to decide to attend the ordination service or boycott it.  The conference leaders are allowing this subject to bring division instead of unity just so they can gain victory in the women ordination debate.   

The majority of world Church has taken a “Biblical” stance on this subject and does not endorse or support female ordination (elders and pastors).  So not to beat around the bush:  The handful of church leaders who are pushing this agenda are rebelling against the Church body, the Church’s understanding of this Biblical belief, and most of all, God.      

What can the average church member and pastor do to help create a safe and balanced environment for healthy dialog?  How can our voices be heard?  Send a comment to let me know what you think.

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