Delegates Vote to Strengthen Creation Belief

Posted on July 1, 2010


Praise God!  I think… 

ANN reports that, “In the face of a society and academic community where challenges to the Seventh-day Adventist fundamental belief in a “literal, recent, six-day creation” are rampant, delegates to the 59th General Conference Session in Atlanta, Georgia, voted June 30 to reaffirm that belief and possibly strengthen the church’s fundamental belief language on that point.”

“Wilson said the first eleven chapters of Genesis “are not an allegory,” but are “an authentic, true and literal explanation” of creation and events following, including a global flood.”

“Both measures passed by large margins, and the examination and possible revision of Fundamental Belief 6 will proceed during the next five years, with the results being presented to the next Session.” [Read More] 

It’s good to see that we are going to work to strengthen our Creation Belief (#6) over the next five years, but what about the hundreds of young people who will be exposed to the evolution lie in the process?  I would love to see our leaders sit down in Atlanta and revise the belief for vote this year.

But… “The process will now begin to rewrite fundamental belief 6, according to the protocol established at the last General Conference session for amending the church’s statement of fundamental beliefs. This requires that any such revision should be lodged with the General Conference at least two years before the following session.” [Read More]

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