GC Session Exhibit Hall

Posted on July 1, 2010


I have to admit, one of my favorite activities at a GC Session is visiting all the booths in the exhibit hall.  I love cruising up and down the aisles checking out the different ministries.  You can find almost anything Adventist at a GC Session.  People, music, little gifts, and items for sale… it feels like a gigantic marketplace.  At one point I envisioned Jesus busting out the cord and driving out those who were there for the wrong reasons.    

I loved the way Southwestern University had a creation display set up right across the aisle from the La Sierra University exhibit.  For those that don’t know, LSU has professors who don’t support our literal 6-day creation belief. 

As I visited the various booths, I wondered how some of the exhibits were allowed access to this Adventist event.  The Spectrum Magazine and Adventist Today Magazine exhibits are two self-supporting ministries I would never allow into the exhibit hall.  They are promoting anti-Adventist theology and ideas and are not afraid to share the info with the people who visit their booths.  Adventist Today is distributing a magazine that actually promotes a heretical concept… “The story recounted in Genesis is most likely not literal and unscientific.”  The article goes on to say that, “less than half of competent science teachers affirm the traditional Adventist position on creation.”       

I counted four booths that strongly pushed the women’s ordination idea.  These activists are pushing hard to get their agenda heard in a Church that doesn’t want to deviate from the Word of God.  I believe we might make the same mistake Israel did in choosing a human king to regain over them.  We can either stand up for God’s truth in this matter or sit back and allow rebellious leaders attack the structure God has set up.   

Above is a button that is distributed to thousands of people in the exhibit hall.

Instead of replacing male leadership, our women should be supporting, teaching, and praying for our men.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, taught her son how to be a man of the Word. 

The time has come for Godly women and men to stand up for Jesus and strengthen the Church structure God has established.  Men: Stop messing around in the home and church and be the leaders God has called you to be.  Women: Stop undermining male leadership and try supporting, teaching, and praying for your home and church leaders. 

Will the real men please stand up?  

If you go to the GC Session this week, have fun mingling with the saints, but watch out for heretical vipers.  The devil is trying his best to weaken the Church of God, but I believe the time has come for revival and reformation.    

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