Heterosexual Marriage Only

Posted on July 2, 2010


“The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s top leadership voted this morning to further clarify the definition of marriage stated in the global denomination’s Church Manual.”

“The vote, which adds the phrase “between one male and one female” to a statement that previously said, “Marriage, thus instituted by God, is a monogamous, heterosexual relationship,” came during continued discussions this week of 95 proposed changes to the Manual.”

It’s good to see that a majority of the Church leaders are unified on this subject.  Even though the vote went through, it didn’t go through without a fight. 

“Jeroen Tuinstra, a representative from the church’s Trans-European region, made the first amendment, calling for the following wording: “Marriage is a monogamous, loving relationship between two mutually consenting adults.”

“Furthermore, I believe that our church is an open, not closed church … a gracious, not a condemning church,” Tuinstra added, saying that the wording would further estrange gays and lesbians from the church.

“His suggestion was not met with favor on the floor. Reno Paotonu, from the South Pacific, said he was “shocked” to hear such a statement from a member of the delegation.” [Read More]

This photo shows how one compromise can lead to another (not an Adventist pic)

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