Let’s Stop Complaining and Get to Work for Jesus

Posted on July 7, 2010


Spectrum Magazine is still complaining about the election of Ted Wilson to be the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The liberals in the Church are so worried that we are going to allow legalism to rise up once again.  We should be glad to have a president that wants to uphold the fundamental (Biblical) beliefs of the Church.  Now that we have a leader who will help our theology to be rock solid, we can begin to focus on the methodology.  As I always say, “Our theology needs to be rock solid, but our methodology must always be changing with the times.” 

Let’s not worry about ultra conservatives taking over the Church.  Our Church is filled with liberals and conservatives, now we just need to find a healthy balance.  When Jesus walked the earth, He worked to pull the ultra liberals and conservatives to the middle. 

What does balanced in Jesus look like?

  • Solid and uncompromising theology
  • Every prospective member should be taught and agree with the fundamental basics of the Church.
  • Every church leader must agree with and support the basic 28 fundamental beliefs.
  • We must teach that all 28 fundamentals point and connect us to Jesus (they do)
  • We must allow new music into the church services… we should be mixing the “good” hymns with spiritual praise songs.  We have to realize that there are young people and new members in the church who appreciate newer songs.
  • We don’t need to use drum sets to have uplifting and spiritual worship services.  We can use multiple instruments (piano, guitar, violin, cello, and yes, even bongos).  Drum sets cause divisions in the church.  Any Adventist should be able to walk into any church on any given Sabbath and receive a blessing.
  • We need to utilize our young people in Sabbath School and church service leadership.  They are the next church leaders and should be taught how to lead.
  • We must think outside the box when it comes to community outreach and evangelism.  Yes, traditional evangelism still works, but we had better be conducting felt-need seminars and other outreach events to prepare for reaping meetings.
  • YES… It is ok to serve breakfast before Sabbath School!  We need to be creating our churches into places where people come to fellowship and worship. 
  • We need to be involved in social justice and other community intervention activities.  The homeless, poor, elderly, etc. need our help.

There is so much more we can talk about… Let’s begin to dialog about where the good Lord wants our Church to go in the months and years to come.  May we uplift His truth in love, keep our eyes locked on Jesus, and share Him with the world around us. 

Let’s stop complaining and get to work.  What are you going to do to make your local church a safe place to get to know Jesus?

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