Recreating a Church Planting Movement

Posted on July 12, 2010


We need a church planting revolution in the Adventist Church. For years church members have grown tired of the traditionalism that has pledged our Church. Ultra conservatives have pushed their unchangeable and unflexible ways on the Church for so long that groups of people have left established churches to plant ultra liberal churches. Many of the church plants in North America have rebellion etched into their cornerstones.

“If you won’t accept us for who we are, we will go out and plant a church that is the exact opposite of what you represent!!!”

This shifting from ultra traditionalism to ultra liberalism has brought about painful divisions in our Church. Progressive Adventism has produced a cheap grace theology. “We don’t need rules and regulations… we don’t need the 28 Fundamental Beliefs, we are free in Jesus.” The conservatives respond by condemning “those liberal rebels.”


Recreating/restructuring established “traditional” churches into safe places of worship and ministry is like pulling teeth from a crocodile. The “C” word is evil (((Change)))…. “We can’t change our worship format… we can’t change our ministry style… we can’t change our church… even though what we are currently doing is not working.” “We are the remnant of the remnant and shouldn’t change for those that want change!!!”

The definition of insanity is… Doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results every time.

The time has come for us to “change” our churches into healthy and vibrant places of worship, fellowship, and ministry. If this is not taking place, then it’s time to go out and plant new churches.

Something to think and pray about…

You can prayerfully gather together a group of Adventists and begin to design a church plant proposal. Start meeting with likeminded people in your home for prayer, Bible study, fellowship, food, and strategic planning. I recommend that you read Russell Burrill’s book, “Rekindling a Lost Passion: Recreating a Church Planting Movement.” [click]  I also recommend that you study the Tulsa Adventist Fellowship [click] church plant to see how they effectively planted a church with twenty people and grew it into a six hundred member church in six years. I will write more about church planting in the near future.


We need a church planting movement that plants “church ministries” that do church on Sabbath. Each and every church plant needs to focus on four concepts…

  1. Visitor-friendly
  2. Family-focused
  3. Spiritually-balanced
  4. Mission-driven

I will unpack these four concepts in the very near future.

Let’s begin to seek answers from God and prayerfully follow His guidance. Our current church members, children, youth, and unchurched need healthy places of worship and ministry to get to know Jesus for themselves. Ask the good Lord what you can do for Him.

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