Ready to Get Back to Work

Posted on July 25, 2010


Our vacation in Indonesia is almost over.  We have seen, smelled, heard, and tasted many amazing things.  In the last two weeks, I have eaten tropical fruits I had never heard about, went snorkeling with hundreds of tropical fish, and driven in traffic that would scare a seasoned racecar driver.  Even though we have had a great time, I am ready to get back to the comfort of the United States of America and sleep in my own bed. 

For those of you who did not know, President Barack Obama sent a letter to our new GC President.  Ted Wilson read the letter to the crowd.  Here is a small portion of the letter…

“Throughout history, faith has shaped our philosophies, our perspectives, and our lives,” Wilson read. “As we face the challenges and opportunities of this unique moment in history, may faith move us to unite in common cause to serve our fellow brothers and sisters. … I wish you all the best for a wonderful event.” [Read More]

Let us keep President Ted Wilson in prayer as he leads God’s prophetic Church in these prophetic times.  I know that we can have a solid rock Church that is visitor-friendly, family-focused, spiritually-balanced, and mission-driven.  If we can develop these areas of ministry in our Church, we will be the Church God has called us to be. 

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