Church Planting Our Future

Posted on July 30, 2010


We need an Adventist church planting revolution ASAP!!! Postmodernism vs. traditionalism is killing the Church in North America and other developed countries. The postmodern Adventist wants to be free of traditionalism and the Adventist traditionalist want to be free of liberalism. We are divided and fragmented and need a Church leader to stand up and say, “enough is enough.”

Until we have a leader who will unite God’s end time church family, we need a firestorm of visitor-friendly, family-focused, spiritually-balanced, and mission-driven church plants. Established churches (liberal and traditional) are very difficult to bring about healthy change in. The traditional churches want to uplift works and traditions over the people and liberal churches want to uplift postmodernism and cheap grace over the Word of God.

We need…

  • We need to start planting churches everywhere that uphold Jesus, truth (including the 28 fundamental beliefs), love, and acceptance.
  • We need churches that will prayerfully and humbly evangelize and disciple people for the eternal kingdom.
  • We need churches that have church planting worked into the DNA.
  • We need churches that know their communities and who are trusted and loved by their communities.
  • We need churches that hold on the relevant methods of the past and embrace the effective methods of the present.

We need to stop messing around and be the Church of love that God has called us to be.

Let’s start talking about what can be done to create healthy places for people to get to know Jesus for themselves and begin planting the future of our Church.

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