Is the magazine, Adventist Today, truly Adventist?

Posted on August 4, 2010


The Adventist Church is made-up with a variety of believers. I respect the fact that liberals in the church want to voice their opinions in the “Adventist Today” magazine. What I don’t understand and respect is seeing an “Adventist” media source publishing anti-Adventist material that belittles our denomination and invites people to leave our Church. You can read Ron Gladden’s Open Letter to the Adventist Church on their website. [Read More]

FYI – Mission Catalyst is a new denomination created and populated by ex-Adventists. Mission Catalyst members treat the Adventist faith like a theological buffet. In an effort to be culturally relevant, they pick and choose what they want to believe and disregard the rest.

“Adventist Today” has gone a little too far this time. Even though Mission Catalyst has some good mission ideas and educational material, they should never be allowed to publish their anti-Adventist views in an “Adventist” publication. Publishing the Open Letter by Ron Gladden is like stabbing your brother in the back.

Think about it… “Adventist Today” is endorsing Mission Catalyst’s invitation to leave the Adventist denomination by publishing the Open Letter. Ron Gladden says, “If your frustration tempts you to walk away from your church, please don’t give up on the message. Pray about launching a Mission Catalyst church in your city. Help us with your giving.” Read the letter for yourself.

In other words… “If you are not happy about the ultra conservatives that have taken the Adventist Church hostage, you can leave that church and join ours.”

I’m sorry to say, but the answer is not walking away from the Church God has created for these last days. If you are a member of a dysfunctional church that will not seek to be visitor-friendly, family-focused, spiritually-balanced, and mission-driven… then go out with a group of like-minded people and plant a new church in the same town. We need a lot more churches in the Adventist denomination and you might as well be the agent of change in your circle of influence.

As for the so-called “Adventist” publication – “Adventist Toady” – I invite you to write the GC Conference and ask them to review the current work of the publication.


Sit down at your computer and type a “kind/loving” letter to be sent to the General Conference of SDA. Let our leaders know that this problem needs to be addressed.


General Conference of SDA

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904

Or… Fax it… 301-680-6090

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