My Definition of Liberal and Conservative

Posted on August 6, 2010


What is a conservative?  Someone who needs Jesus.

What is a liberal?  Someone who needs Jesus.

How do you like my definitions for these two words?  I know you conservatives and liberals out there are not too happy about what I just wrote.  Oh well!  I cannot go through life worrying about what everyone thinks and feels about me.  My main concern is to be like Jesus in everything I think, say, and do… and let Him do the rest. 

I believe that when conservatives and liberals label themselves, they are placing themselves at a higher spiritual level than their competition, rivals, or enemies.  You may say, “Hey, I never said I was enemies with the opposite party.”  Well……. I do not know about that.  When the cheese is on the potluck table and church members are drinking soda, the conservative food critics are sure to let the liberal eaters know that they are going to burn in hell for their dietary choices.  On the flipside, you will almost always find liberals in just about every church who rant and rave about the judgmental conservatives… dressing and eating in such a way, it gives the conservatives something to rant and rave about.  And this is just scratching the surface.

Conservative:  Conservatives are usually very legalistic when it comes to rules and regulations.  They seem to be narrow-minded when applying the law.  If the theology and methodology is not in line with their understanding of what they think truth is… then the opposing party is wrong and lost.  Conservatives are usually very traditional and old school when it comes to methodology.  Some believe we should only use the King James Version and all other translations are inferior to their translation of choice.  Some believe only old fashioned hymns should be sung in church and that all praise music is wishy-washy and superficial.  Some believe that men must wear suits and ties and women must wear dresses to church and that all other dress is a sign of rebellion (some even want all women to cover their heads in church).  Conservatives usually make church into something so cold and formal that you could ice skate up and down the aisles.  These types of churches are not visitor and family friendly.  They talk about Ellen White to new believers (and non-believers) as if they were lifelong Adventists.  They want the deep theology to be preached from the pulpit even though there might be new or non-believers in the congregation who have not been discipled yet.  And the list could go on and on……. 

Liberal:  Liberals are usually just as legalistic as the conservatives.  Instead of focusing on the rules and regulations, they tend to emphasize their “freedom” in Jesus (cheap grace).  If you do not have their “Jesus,” you are lost.  Liberals are “buffet” Christians.  They pick and choose what Biblical teachings they think are relevant and disregard the rest.  Liberals are usually very lazy when it comes to witnessing because they do not want to offend non-believers.  Most liberals have bought into the postmodern mindset that embraces multiple paths to salvation.  They usually dress like the world… low cut necklines, jewelry, makeup, etc.  They go out to eat, shopping, and work on the Sabbath.  Many drink caffeinated drinks and alcohol (wine).  Liberals want to use the world’s rock & roll music to attract non-believers.  And the list could go on and on…….                      

I believe that both parties are killing our churches in North America and other developed countries.  Conservatives are so afraid of change, they forget about the mission to seek and to save the lost in the world around them.  The liberals are so eager to change that they throw out our lifesaving theology to make it “easier” to stay in the church and to bring people into the church. 

We need balance… and that is exactly what Jesus brought to His people when He walked this earth.  Think about it… Jesus deviated from the ultra conservative methodology and the sinners in need of a Savior were drawn to Him.  At the same time, He was not afraid to speak the truth about law and how it is to be applied to our relationships with other people and God.  I could go all day talking about how Jesus brought balance to a religious organization that was out of whack. 

Today, we are a religious organization that is out of whack.  We need Jesus like never before.  Let us prayerfully seek to study and be like Jesus in all that we do as a Church.  If something old is not working… get rid of it.  If something new is Biblically sound… embrace it.  Now is the time to be the Church God has called us to be!!!

NOTE: Because of time, I am not able to really unpack this subject… I will write more later.  May the good Lord keep you safe in His arms of love.   Share the love of Jesus with someone today!!!