Adventist Liberal Magazines

Posted on August 9, 2010


Spectrum Magazine and Adventist Today has proven they need a spiritual revival many times over.  These so-called Adventist media outlets struggle to embrace basic Adventist (Biblical) beliefs.  They are determined to water-down and cheapen our theology while introducing and implementing worldly methodology. 

Most of the leaders and contributors to these two magazines are disgruntled and/or liberal Adventists who are tired of traditionalism and want to see our Church swing from one extreme to another. 

Adventist Today board has implemented some new changes that we need to pray about…          

“New leaders of Adventist Today are Jim Walters and Clive Holland. The Adventist Today board, meeting in a regular session on August 1, 2010, voted to ask Jim Walters to serve as interim board chairman and Clive Holland to serve as board chair designee.” [Read More]

Here’s an updated list of those who will be contributing to Adventist Today in the weeks and months to come.  Let’s pray they put forth only words that are Holy Spirit driven.  THE LIST: Melissa Howell, David Hamstra, Clansi Rogers, Trudy Morgan-Cole, Lisa Clark Diller, David Person, Tanya Cochran, Bill Cork, Noelle Schwantes, Ed Dickerson, Felisa Meier, John Thomas McLarty, Rob York, Lillianne Lopez, and Don Watson [see list here]

Let’s give God’s Church back to God and let Him take us where He wants us to go.  Lord willing, I know the liberals and conservatives in our Church can be united in love and mission… let’s achieve this in our generation or die trying. 

Your help is needed!  Please send me information about other liberal media sources that need to be monitored (blogs, magazines, groups, etc.).  I would like to know of other liberal and conservative church leaders who are trying to push a harmful agenda on God’s Church.  Thanks!

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