End Adventist Segregation

Posted on October 21, 2010


The more I learn about segregation in our Church, the more concerned I become.  I’m pretty sure God made it very clear to Peter on the housetop that we are all created equal (Acts 11:12).  With our solid belief system, it would seem that we would have a healthy balance in almost everything.  I have told myself many times that if I lived during the Martian Luther King Jr. days, I would have marched with him in the civil rights movement.  I do not know about you, but racism and segregation makes my stomach turn…      

General Conference Office Segregation

I have visited the current GC Office and have eaten some good veggie food in the cafeteria.  The cafe was filled with people from all around the world.  When I sat there eating my food, I had no idea that the GC Conference Office cafeteria had been segregated at one time in the past.  As God’s end time Church, we should be a cutting edge organization.  An organization that leads the world in cultural, civil, social, and spiritual revival. 

Adventist Hospital Segregation

I just came across some very sad information… As I was researching this topic, I learned that Washington Adventist Sanitarium and Hospital was segregated to the point that one of our Adventist ladies was denied help because of the color of her skin.  Lucy Byard later died in a Black-operated hospital (probably not funded and staffed correctly).  

Washington Adventist Sanitarium and Hospital 

White Flight

Then there was the time when many of our inner city churches were abandoned because the ratio of white to black members was changing.  The “white folks” deserted the mission fields God had placed them in because they were uncomfortable with the black people.    

Rejected by South Africa’s President

Not very long ago… some Adventist Church leaders traveled to South Africa with Hope for Humanity.  One of our Church’s delegates made an appointment with the country’s president and arrived in the waiting room.  Our delegate waited and waited, but was never called in for the meeting.  Finally, he asked what the delay was and found out that the president did not want to meet with a delegate of a church that is still segregated (((shamefully dismissed))).     

Current Segregation

We are still segregated in the 2010.  When will we wake up and smell the Roma?  Both “white and black conferences” have multiple nationalities in their conferences.  There is no reason to be segregated in this day and age.  Now is the time to desegregate!  All we need to do is create policies that make it mandatory for conferences with a large percentage of blacks, Asians, Hispanic, etc. to have representation in the leadership core (president, VP, treasurer).  To help keep culture alive and well, we do not need separate conferences… all we need are cultural ministries in each conference.  This is not rocket science.

Now is the time to stand up for Jesus and let your conference, union, and GC leaders know that God’s Church must be desegregated.  Acts 2 makes it very clear that we are to be united (one accord) if we are going to experience the out pouring the Holy Spirit.  Let us get to work cleaning up God’s end time Church and be ready for the great influx to new members God will bring through a real revival of true Godliness. 

Please send me more info about Adventist segregation… Thanks!           

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