Adventist Homosexuality

Posted on November 11, 2010


 On September 25, 2010, an Adventist pastor by the name of Bruce Manners, Ph.D preached a sermon on homosexuality at the Avondale College Church.  The sermon was a dose of theological poison for the young people to digest. 

At one point in the sermon, Pastor Manners asked, “What would Jesus do if He was confronted with hand-holding gays?”  I know that our God of love would make them feel very welcomed and loved, but when the time was right, He would share healing words of truth and follow it up with, “go and sin no more.”

This minister also tries to use the word “love” as the reason to accept homosexuality within the Church.  This is a very poor argument and I am tired of hearing it…  Accepting or denying homosexuality in the Church is not based on love.  The reason we deny the homosexual lifestyle in the Church is because of Biblical truths (theology). 

Those who support this sinful lifestyle are trying to distract us from the main issue.  Instead of debating homosexuality itself, we should be developing ways to effectively reach-out and minister to those who are trapped in this sin.  All of our churches need to be “safe havens of rest” for all people.  Alcoholics, drug addicts, homosexuals, adulterers, cheaters, etc. all need to feel welcome in our churches.  We need to teach our current church members how to “be like Jesus” in Sabbath School, church, and the hallways. 

Let us pray that our Church administrators will not stand by and do nothing.  People like Pastor Bruce Manners are poisoning our church members and young people in our schools.  Our leaders need to stand up for Jesus and His truth (love) and apply a little tough love on leaders (church and school) who are in open rebellion against God.  This type of church discipline will hurt at first, but in the long run, God will be glorified and His Church will be stronger.  Here are some of the reasons our church leaders should be disciplined: theistic evolution, pro homosexuality, higher criticism, alcohol/drug use, adultery, etc.

The Word of God is pure and beautiful.  Within its pages, we can discover hope, healing, truth, and love.  This book can teach us how to live and love like Jesus.  Some want to focus only on love, but that is only half of the picture.  We need to live and love according to God’s Word and have faith that He knows what He is talking about.  “Lord help us!” 

You can watch Pastor Bruce Manners’ sermon here… [CLICK HERE