Progressive Adventism at the GC Session

Posted on November 16, 2010


When I was wandering around the booths at the 2010 GC Session, I came across a gentleman (near the Spectrum Booth) who wanted to ask me nine survey questions.  I was glad to help.  Here are the questions…

  1. Should women be allowed to pastor Adventist churches?
  2. Should Adventist women pastors be ordained?
  3. Should the theory of evolution be included in Adventist college science curriculums
  4. Should homosexuals be allowed to have church membership?
  5. Do you have a relative or friend who is lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender or intersex?
  6. Should the church instruct members how to vote on moral issues?
  7. Should the church be more involved in promoting ecology and stewardship of the earth?
  8. Should Adventist members volunteer to bear arms in active military combat?
  9. Should Genesis 1-2 be read as a scientific account of the origin of the world 6-10,000 years ago?

Read about the survey… [CLICK HERE]

These questions helped me to understand our “progressive friends” a little better.  If they had their way, they would recreate the Adventist Church into a church that believes…

  1. It’s permissible to women to be ordained ministers
  2. Evolution should be allowed to be taught as “Biblical” truth
  3. Homosexuals should be given church membership

Lord help us!  The devil is going about like a roaring lion trying to poison God’s Church/people.  The time has come for us to stop messing around with the basic fundamentals and embrace the lifesaving truths God has given us.  If our church leaders can proclaim, loud and clear, what we stand for, we will begin to see amazing things happen in these last days. 

Accountability, accountability, accountability…….  administrators, pastors, church elders, teachers, and professors NEED to be held accountable to our basic fundamentals.  If they are not willing embrace/teach our fundamental beliefs, they need to be given a friendly warning (or two)… if that does not work, they should be removed immediately.  Theological poison should NEVER be allowed within God’s Church.

Let us pray for heavenly wisdom and love in the days and months to come.  If we remain true to God, He has promised to bless us with an abundant life (here and now).     

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