“I choose to have a good day!”

Posted on November 22, 2010


Do you ever wake up and hate the thought of rolling out of bed to engage the world once again?  I do not know about you, but I have those mornings every once in awhile.  To be completely honest, there are days (very, very few) when I embrace the gloom and I decide to stay in bed most of the morning. 

Like most of you, I too must get out of bed and face the world no matter how I feel.  If I am feeling “down” and do not have the desire to be “positive,” I have learned (still learning) how to put on the game face and press forward… looking for the good in life.  I know that if I look hard enough, I will find something “good” to be happy, glad, etc. about.  I have also learned (still learning) how to not transfer my doom and gloom to those around me. 

Some people are very difficult to be around.  They (Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy) are always whining and complaining about how terrible life is and how evil people are.  It is sad when someone develops a reputation for being a grump.  People will go out of their way to avoid those who are always negative and grumpy. 

Our sick, dying, and dark world needs more “real” Christians to choose to be positive and up-beat no matter how they feel.  This does not mean you need to be fake.  If you are having a bad day, just say so, “My day is not going well… I need help… Can you pray for me?”  When we are interacting with bank tellers, grocery store cashiers, children, fellow church members, co-workers, and our spouses, we need to be like Jesus NO MATTER HOW WE FEEL.  

“I choose to have a good day!”  This is the choice you can make every day as you roll out of bed.  Through the wonderful, power of God, you can spread light and hope even when you are feeling a little like Mr. or Mrs. Grumpy.  There is no reason for you to mentally or verbally abuse someone just because you are having a bad day.  We need to learn how to smile more and frown less.


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