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Posted on December 1, 2010


Dear Friend,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (for those in the USA). God is good – All the time! I spent a few days in beautiful New Mexico with family and feel reenergized and ready to go.


It Is Written has some big changes coming up the line. Because of health reasons, speaker and director, Shawn Boonstra will be stepping down. You can watch his little video clip here… A Personal Message From Pastor Shawn Boonstra

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church joined some 50 other faith and community organizations yesterday in supporting a national initiative of United States first lady Michelle Obama to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity.” [Read More]

“Seventh-day Adventist conferences and missions in North America can be led by an ordained or a commissioned minister, members of the division Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly on November 7 during year-end business meetings.” [Read More]

Pro Adventist Homosexuality News

New “Adventist” movie in production… “Seventh-Gay Adventist” – “This film, which is still in production, explores the complex intersection of faith, identity, and sexuality through the stories of LGBT Adventists who are struggling with their desire to belong to the church they know and love and their need to be fully accepted for who they are.”  Click here to watch a short teaser from the feature documentary, “Seventh-Gay Adventists.”

FYI – I personally believe homosexuality is a sin against God.  I also believe we have failed our brothers and sisters who struggle with this lifestyle choice.  Let us prayerfully discover ways to make our churches into safe havens of rest for ALL people. 

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May the good Lord keep you safe in His arms of love!

Ken Lytle

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