Support This Ministry

#1 – Prayers – We need your prayers as we move forward.  Pray God will give us the wisdom needed to cover topics that help strength our Church. 

#2 – New Authors – We need writers who love the Lord and are committed to the Adventist Church.  People who are not afraid to talk about the issues, while providing Christ-centered solutions to help strengthen God’s children.  Contact Ken at if you are interested in becoming one of our writers. 

#3 – Financial Support – A ministry like this takes money to keeping growing.  Our goal is to build a professional news website, sponsor booths at denominational events, and produce quality video clips about important topics.  As the Spirit leads, please send your donations to: Ken Lytle  –  430 Bermuda Dr. SE  –  Rio Rancho, New Mexico  –  87124  USA (NOTE: Until we become a 501-c nonprofit, please make the checks out to Ken Lytle)


  • Video recording equipment (Cameras, Lighting, and Software)
  • Funds to have a booth at the next GC Session
  • Funds for advertising this ministry within the Adventist Church  
  • Funds for travel expenses for one-on-one video interviews with Church leaders
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  1. Great website Ken. The pieces and topics are very insightful and educational. Have you give any thought to attending the ASI convention for lay ministries? I attended last year and was really surprised at the sheer number of supporting ministries there were. Literally hundreds with similar visions…


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