Knowing Jesus’ Return

Posted on January 20, 2011


Christian talk show host, Janet Parshall (In the Market), produced a very good program that covers the topic of Jesus’ second coming and date setting.  Please take the time to listen to the program…

“Do you think Jesus will be coming back soon? The Bible says there will be signs pointing to His return. Does it feel to you like we’re living in those times of His near coming? At the same time, Scripture also says that nobody knows the day nor the hour. What should we make of all this? What would be a healthy, accurate view of looking into the future while eagerly waiting for His return? Dr. Ron Rhodes, president of Reasoning from The Scriptures and author of over 30 books, will join us to bring some light to this matter that seems to catch the attention of many.”

To listen to the program… [CLICK HERE] and select – Hour 1 – Knowing Jesus’ Return (Listen Now)


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