2010 Annual Council – Revival and Reformation

Posted on January 28, 2011



                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Adventist News Network

Below is President Ted Wilson’s sermon he delivered at the 2010 Annual Council.  I am so glad to see our church leaders seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit when it comes to revival and reformation.  I cannot wait to see what happens in our Church in the weeks and months to come.  Let us join together in praying everyday for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  If you pray at 7:00am or 7:00pm, you will be praying with other Adventist brothers and sisters in the faith. 


Below is the Trans-European Division’s response to the Revival and Reformation movement…  We would see amazing things happen if every member embraced these initiatives.


We commit ourselves to support and promote the following initiatives to encourage our churches and organizations to make spiritual growth in life and godliness our first work:

1. Making prayer a fundamental part of our daily life (1 Tim. 2:1)

  • Praying alone
  • Praying in groups of two and three (Matthew 18:20)
  • Praying in our families
  • Praying in church fellowships
  • Praying in chains via the Internet
  • Participating in the worldwide Adventist days of prayer and fasting

2. Making Bible reading a fundamental part of our daily life (Ps 119:105)

  • Following a Bible reading plan
  • Using a pocket Bible during the day
  • Apply the book as a whole principle to the reading of verses
  • Use Bible Study Guides and other study tools to enhance the reading
  • Engage in a Bible study group either for nurture or outreach
  • Learning how to give Bible studies to seekers

3. Study and apply the biblical disciplines for spiritual growth

  • Understanding the biblical disciplines by a handbook to be produced by the TED
  • Practising a multitude of spiritual disciplines
  • Apply biblical disciplines as a means of strengthen coping skills (peace of mind, stress management, etc.) 
  • Apply biblical disciplines as a means to enhance relationships

4. Being available and engaged in at least one outreach or mission project where I lead one person to Christ

  • Small group
  • Sabbath School Class
  • Bible study at home
  • Assisting the Bible Correspondence School by visiting students
  • Church planting project
  • Bring a friend to church
  • One-to-one

5. Participating in spiritual worship, celebration and fellowship

  • Home congregation
  • Via TV, Internet or Radio
  • Small group or Branch Sabbath School
  • Church Plant