The Conference Employee Shuffle

Posted on March 24, 2011


As I watch the documentary, “Waiting For Superman,” I can’t help but see how our Adventist Church is suffering with a similar problem the American school system is currently experiencing. 

Waiting For Superman — “Documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim explores the tragic ways in which the American public education system is failing our nation’s children, and explores the roles that charter schools and education reformers could play in offering hope for the future. We see the statistics every day — students dropping out, science and math scores falling, and schools closing due to lack of funding. What we don’t see are the names and faces of the children whose entire futures are at stake due to our own inability to enact change. There was a time when the American public education system was a model admired by the entire world.” [READ MORE HERE

Watch this short video clip about the above movie before reading more…

Many of our conferences, churches, schools, and medical facilities are failing in the Great Commission of Matthew 28 and we continue to do the “Conference Employee Shuffle” or “the Dance of the Lemons” instead of trimming the fat.    

  1. Instead of equipping our church leaders with the administrative tools they need to be effective, we tie their hands with slow moving bureaucracy and traditional committees.
  2. Instead of letting go of conference employees who choose to ignore our fundamental beliefs, promote secular agendas, fail to equip and lead the members into mission, etc, we do the “Conference Employee Shuffle” because we are afraid to offend them.     

When will we realize that what we are currently doing is not working (don’t worry, I’ll give our current GC leaders a chance to bring about revival and reformation before I say, “Final answer!”).  Whatever we do, we need to stop shuffling ineffective conference employees around and get serious about our mission to seek and to save those who are lost.  If a teacher, professor, conference president, pastor, etc. does not want to have a real walk with God that produces results-driven fruit on the Adventist tree, then we need to prayerfully remove the “roadblocks” that cause us to sit idle and spiritually dead (dying).

Let’s continue to pray for our church and do all that we can to hold our leaders accountable to God’s vision and mission.

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