Getting Out of Debt in the Last Days

Posted on March 26, 2011


Debt can be an exhausting trial on a marriage.  It is so much easier to spend ourselves into debt than it is getting out, but the baby steps given by financial expert Ron Blue can help.  [READ MORE HERE]

Why does it matter if we are in debt or not in these last days?  I don’t know about you, but I believe the signs of the times are proclaiming loud and clear that Jesus is returning soon.  We have been counseled to leave the larger cities for smaller ones.  It does not stop there, we must also prepare to leave the smaller cities and towns for homes in a wilderness setting (as the Holy Spirit leads).   

Think about it… The earthquake and tsunami that rocked the people in Japan caused thousands to die an early death.  The tsunami swept away thousands who were living in cities along the coast.  If you look at the demographics of the USA, you will see millions of people living along the West and East coasts.  These people are living in large cities and towns and are not prepared for the final moments of this earth’s history.  Life as we know it will quickly disappear. 

If a large city were to be hit by a natural disaster… electricity, running water, and sewer would stop working.  This is what recently happened in Japan.  If there are no utilities, chaos soon takes over.  Picture this… No food being delivered to the stores, fridges full of rotting food, toilets over flowing, no drinking water, no way to heat homes in the winter, etc.

Are you ready?  Have you moved to smaller towns outside of the cities?  Have you begun to look for a wilderness home where you can grow a garden, fruit trees, and having a natural source for drinking water? 

Visit Dave Westbrook’s website to learn more about country living.  Now is the time to prepare for the final days moments before Jesus stands up and says, “It is finished!” 

Let’s be ready for Jesus everyday! 

Being ready for Jesus everyday means we will always be willing and ready to share Jesus with those in need of hope.

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