“Badventist” – Video Produced by Florida Hospital Church Leaders

Posted on April 11, 2011


The producers of “Badventist” did a professional job in the creation of the short video.  BUT… This Adventist video sadly describes how many lukewarm and backsliding church members believe when it comes to Christian living.  We want to say we are Adventist Christians while living a lifestyle that disconnects us from our loving Creator and Savior.  Christian living is not burdensome.  If we choose to walk in Jesus footsteps, we will have a desire to glorify Him in all we say, do, and think. 

The time has come for us to be real!  Faking Adventism hurts those close to us and the world denomination.  

For example: I choose not to eat pork because God said it was unclean and He is the One who knows best.  On top of that, science has proven that pork is very unclean.  This belief is not burdensome.  It actually helps us to have a cleaner body and mind so to allow us to better connect with God. 

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