Pros and Cons of Adventist Education

Posted on May 12, 2011


I attended Adventists schools most of my life.  I have attended a number of Adventist schools across America (Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, and California)…. from elementary to college.   For the most part, I had a good experience and thank my parents for sacrificing to make it possible.   


If this video is true, then why are we closing our schools one after another?  We cannot seem to keep our elementary schools open and a number of our academies have been shut down and are on the verge of closing its doors.  Instead of thinking outside the box and making the changes needed to be successful, we drag our feet just hoping our fellow church will send their children to our out-of-date and often poorly managed schools. 

There is a church and school in Albuquerque, New Mexico that has put their money where their mouth is and created a very successful elementary school.  The school has 120+ students and 30% of them are non-Adventist.  Sandia View Elementary School has a modern facility, gymnasium, uniform shirts, smart boards, Power Point, lots of computers, and good Adventist “Christian” teachers.  The students are given numerous opportunities to go on mission and field trips.  Overall the school is offering a higher level of Christian education than most Adventist school across the nation.  Because of this, Adventists and non-Adventists are lined-up to send their Children to this school, making it a very successful ministry. 

Sandia View Elementary

We can have successful Adventist schools all across the country and around the world if we are willing to support them with funds, the right leadership, and by sending our children.  If any of these are missing, we will only have struggling and failing schools. 

On a side note… Conferences need to stop giving schools a hard time when it comes to paying back loans.  “Pay back the loan or else!”  Instead of joining the schools in ministry, some of our conferences pit themselves against the church schools.  Fresno Adventist Academy is a good example of a school and conference relationship that is toxic.  The school has to pay back a certain amount of money by a certain time or else the 100+ academy students are going to have to attend public school or boarding school.  I do not know about you, but I would not want to send my children to boarding school (Adventist or not).  Instead of forcing schools to payback loans, we should be forgiving loans after a set amount of time.  Our school faculty and staff are already working a stressful job and do not need more stress to be added.   

What can you do?  Please support your local Adventist school.  Help fund it, send your kids, volunteer, attend board meetings, and do whatever it takes to make sure your local school is modern and up-to-date.   If you do not have a school… do something about it.  Pray about it, talk to parents and church leaders, and begin developing a plan.  If possible, please start right… meaning, do not open the school in the church basement or rundown building.  Prayerfully raise the funds to open the school in a nice facility and supplied with modern equipment.  If the community sees a school that is of better quality than their local public schools, they will consider sending their children.

EGW said, “In every place where there is a church, large or small, there a school should be established.” — Letter 108, 1899