The Real Dirty Little Secret In Church

Posted on May 16, 2011


I came across a great article about pastoral and church leadership.  Below is a taste…  Feel free to click on the link and read the whole article (it’s pretty short).

The real dirty little secret in the American church is that we regularly, relentlessly, and without mercy beat-up, chew-up and spit-out our leaders.

We strip them of power. Again, we are so afraid power will corrupt them, we strip them of it while holding them accountable for the success of the church.  As a result, our leaders have very little real power to make the strategic changes essential for the church’s future.

We let pretend leaders bully them.Call them elders, deacons, or whatever, too many “lay-leaders” come to their positions puffed up with pride and an overestimation of their own spirituality.  Rather than leading along side their pastors in creative collaboration, too many, too often exercise their power by crushing the heart and spirit of the very people they are supposed to be helping and empowering.  As a result, a shocking large percentage of the American church is in the hands of spirit-crushing bullies, who love keeping the preacher humble and in line!  [READ MORE]


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