After May 21, 2011 with Harold Camping

Posted on May 24, 2011


Here is Amazing Fact’s response to the Harold Camping disappointment.  Thousands of people were disappointed and need words of hope.  The video below has the pre-May 21 clip and closes with the post-May 21 clip. 

“Harold Camping, the California preacher who via his multimillion-dollar Christian Family Radio stations had convinced a few thousand followers that the Rapture would happen on May 21, spoke at length for the first time Monday evening since his failed prediction. He spoke on his Open Forum call-in show. It’s the same show through which he predicated May 21 Rapture and a later Oct. 21 “end of the world” for the last two years.” [READ MORE]

Many people were saddened or angered by the false direction Harold Camping was leading his followers before May 21.  A number of people were bold enough to ask H. Camping what he would do with all the money his followers invested into the pre-May 21 proclamation ministry work.

Harold Camping has finally spoke up and this is what he has to say…

Reporter asks Camping: Will He Apologize for Being Wrong?

“I have never said I’m infallible,” says Camping.

What About People Who Depleted Life Savings to Promote Camping’s Message?

Camping declines to offer them help.  He says the country experienced a recession. “Lots of people lost their homes” and jobs. But he says “they survived.”

“People cope. People cope,” says Camping.  He says job, housing and investment loses during the recent economic decline are far worse than what “the average Family Radio listener” has experienced.

On Saturday, Family Radio spokesman Tom Evans had vaguely indicated the station might give aid to donors who are now without jobs and money.

Let’s keep our eyes locked on Jesus in these last days.  If we prayerfully study the Word of God with other serious Bible students… allowing the Holy Spirit to guide, we will not be deceived in the end. 

Read your Bible and pray everyday!!!  🙂


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