Conferences Poisoning Leadership to Constituent Relations

Posted on June 14, 2011


Something is wrong!  I am seeing more and more local conferences poisoning leadership to constituent relations.  Conference presidents and other officers seem to think they can bully their personal agendas through the current system or create a new self-gratifying system all together. 

I personally know of conference leaders who have strong-armed the Women in Ministry agenda into action even though a majority of the constituents disagree.  Some conferences are aggressively closing schools instead of sacrificially partnering with the constituents to make sure our kids can have an Adventist education.  I have seen conferences hold outstanding debts over school leaders and constituents, threatening to close their school if they do not pay back money owed.  I even know of conferences that have written off churches (broken relations) because they did not like the way the church responded to the conference leadership.  Instead of being the adult in the conference to church relationship, leaders have given up on certain churches. 

Once again… Something is wrong!  Where is the Christ-like attitude needed to heal and empower conferences and churches to be loving, unified, and mission-driven?  Instead of threatening to close schools, conferences should be in the business of forgiving debts.  Instead of pushing non-Biblical agendas through the system (like Women in Ministry), conferences should be listening to the wisdom of the constituents. 

We think we have a great system in place, but something is wrong!  In places where grace is needed, we have aggression and in places where discipline is needed, we have a passive attitude.  Example: Letting Adventist pastors and university professors stray from our wonderful Adventist truths… giving them a license to teach Satan’s lies (Theistic Evolution and other lies).

The time has come for leaders and constituents to stand up for Jesus!!!  We need to prayerfully and kindly hold each other accountable.  If we stand firm on the Bible and 28 Fundamental Beliefs (and other church beliefs), we will have a church is that is solid in Jesus and uncompromising. 

If you see conference leaders pushing unbiblical agenda… say something!  If you see pastors catering to lukewarmness… say something!  If you see church leaders teaching Satan’s lies… say something!  Whatever you do… always say it in love and please be consistent. 

God has great plans for our Church, but for heaven’s blessings to be poured down upon us, we need to be faithful here and now.  Let’s wake and smell the Roma.  Jesus is coming soon and NOW is the time to truly get to know Jesus as a personal friend… sharing Him every chance we get.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can turn something wrong into something right!    

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