La Sierra University Incident – Accident or Heavenly Intervention?

Posted on June 16, 2011


As many of you know, La Sierra University has been plagued with professors that teach heresy and spiritually weak administrators who allowed it to happen.  Instead of making sure our young people received a high quality Adventist education, administrators allowed the evolution theory to be taught in place of six literal days of creation.

The university has been under Adventist review to make sure they are committed to our Biblical faith.  To help makes things right at the university, God has allowed a Three Stooges type event to take place.  At a recent meeting between Adventist accreditors and La Sierra faculty…     

Darnell, the La Sierra trustee, was present at the meeting and decided to record the proceedings using an application on his smartphone.  According to the Spectrum article, Darnell met up afterward with Beach, Bradley, and Kaatz at a private home, where they watched a National Basketball Association playoff game and discussed the meeting. The recorder kept running, unbeknownst to the four men. It captured “foul language, references to alcohol consumption and unflattering comments being made about board members, administrators, and church leaders,” according to the article. Darnell then sent the recording to a number of key members of the Adventist community, including The Spectrum, reportedly without knowing that it contained more than just the audio of the meeting. Eventually, the recording made its way to Ricardo Graham, chair of the board of trustees. [READ MORE] [Spectrum Magazine Article]

These four La Sierra University “spiritual leaders” choose to dig themselves an Adventist career-ending hole, jump in, and pull the dirt in on themselves.  Sorry to say… PRAISE GOD!  Adventist pastors, teachers, professors, administrators, etc. are to be committed to God, missions, and ALL of our 28 Fundamental Beliefs.  We should NEVER allow spiritual leaders to remain in positions of influence if they choose to rebel against God’s truth and love (God is love and the Word became flesh/Jesus).

The accidental recording has proven that these four men do not belong in Adventist leadership (foul language, alcohol, etc.).  How many more Church, school, and health leaders are currently in place who are far from Jesus and the mission His has given us to seek and to save the lost (beginning in our churches and schools)?

Do not get me wrong… there should always be a place in our churches for people who are still studying and processing our basic fundamental beliefs.  Everyone should feel welcome in our churches.  This does not mean we need to employee individuals who are not ready to commit to our Biblical, Adventist faith.

Let us pray that God will empower us (Adventist leaders and laity) to stay true to His wonderful, lifesaving truths and hold our spiritual leaders accountable in these last days.