Selfish Christians

Posted on July 3, 2011


I do not know about you, but I had a relaxing Sabbath.  I attended Sabbath School, church service, potluck, went for a nice drive, and had a great nap.  Not once did I think about taking a walk around my neighborhood to see if I could find anyone to help or witness to. 

It is so easy to be a lazy Christian.  We work for money to make a living, watch tv and movies, work around the house, play with the kids, go to church, etc. but seem to find little or no time to share Jesus with those living in our neighborhoods. 

I found this video on Youtube… check it out.

There is sooooooooooo……. much we can do for our neighbors.

  1. Talk to them
  2. Become their friends
  3. Invite them to meals or backyard barbeques
  4. Find out who is a single mother or elderly and assist with home and yard duties
  5. Organize a block party
  6. And more…

As we develop new friends, we can then start-up neighborhood Bible study and support groups.  When the time is right, we can invite our new friends to church.  We have the time (even if it’s only 1-2 hours each week)… now we need the desire to be like Jesus.

“Lord, help me to have a desire to seek and to save those in need of You.  Give me the wisdom and words needed to lead others to the foot of the cross.”

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