Dangers of Pornography

Posted on July 22, 2011


Pornography has become a pandemic addiction.  The invention of the internet has taken the traditional Playboy magazines off the dusty shelf and made them easily accessible to millions of people in the privacy of their homes.  Many people do not know that pornography is a powerful addiction. 

Most people who were exposed to pornography at a young age were probably introduced to soft porn.  This first step into pornography is like a high schooler smoking a cigarette or joint for the first time.  The addiction seems innocent at first but quickly sinks it’s claws in.  After a time, the pornography addiction becomes boring and harder porn is sought out to feed the monster within.  

Internet pornography can be horribly sick.  There are video clips of bestiality, homosexuality, bondage, staged rapes, incest, molestation, and it only get worst from there.  Millions of professed Christians have seen terrible things on the internet… things that can never be completely erased from memory (not until Jesus returns).

The time has come for church leaders to become transparent themselves and provide support groups for church members who are struggling with this addiction.  If our homes and churches are going to be revived, we will need healthy men to step forward and fulfill the calling God has given in the home and church.  You can be the one who starts up a support group.  

Let’s GO for Jesus!   

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