The Benefits of Adventist Education

Posted on July 29, 2011


Homosexuality is being accepted as normal in many place around the world.  This should be expected in secular society as we draw closer to the second coming of Jesus.  Just because secular society is embracing homosexuality as normal does not mean we as Christians need to do the same.  The Word of God is crystal clear on this subject and we must never compromise God’s amazing truth.

As you watch this video clip (produced a few years ago) think about your children, the children in your church, and the children in your community. 

In North America, a new school year is about to begin. 

  • Do your children attend a public or Christian school?  
  • Will they be taught that homosexuality is acceptable or an abomination against God? 
  • Will they be taught evolution or creationism? 
  • Will they have Bible class or not? 

 Attending an Adventist Christian school is very important to the development of our children.  Satan is going about like a roaring lion trying his best to destroy our young people.  If our churches are choosing not to sacrifice in the opening of Adventist schools, parents are forced to send their children to public schools or home school (not all can home school). 

Ellen G White had this to say about Adventist education:

  • “In all our churches, and wherever there is a company of believers, church schools should be established.”  {PH131 6.2} 
  • “Is sin represented as an offense toward God? I would rather that children grow up in an ignorance of school education as it is today, and employ some other means to teach them. But in this country (Australia) many parents are compelled to send their children to school. Therefore, in localities where there is a church, a school should be established, if there are no more than six children to attend.”  {PH131 6.3} 
  • “Establish schools for the children where there are churches. Where there are those who assemble to worship God, let there be schools for the children.”  {PH131 7.1}  
  • “We are far behind in what the Lord would have us do in this matter. There are places where our schools should have been in operation years ago. Let these now be started under wise directors, that the children and youth may be educated in their own churches.”  {PH131 7.2}

If a church has 6+ children, they need to seriously consider starting a school.  A medium size church in New Mexico placed Adventist education at the top of their list and they now have a school of 130+ students and over 30% are nonAdventist.  When I conduct school worship, I am ministering to Adventist and nonAdventist children.  This is what Adventist education is all about. 

Please pray about starting up an Adventist school in your town or city.  Jesus is coming soon and now is the time to boldly share Jesus through Adventist education.