LSU Resignation Saga Continues

Posted on July 30, 2011


It’s All About the Money

The La Sierra University (LSU) resignation saga continues.  Three of the four LSU employees who were busted for drinking, foul language, and belittling denominational leadership are suing LSU, Pacific Union Conference, and North American Division.  By the looks of it, these “most important leadership employees” (as stated by their lawyer) are going after educational funds, tithes, and offerings through the secular court system.    

Here are a few quotes from the lawyer’s lawsuit press release:

  • “On June 10, 2011, the chair of the La Sierra University Board of Trustees… confronted and then effectively fired three of the most important leadership employees of La Sierra University.”
  • “This informal get-together took place immediately following a highly emotionally charged meeting between high ranking Seventh-day Adventist Church executive and the faculty of La Sierra university, in which the Church executives defended the decision to assign La Sierra University a substandard academic accreditation based on the contention that the University was deviating from
    church doctrine.”
  • “This unfounded and untrue charge of deviation from church doctrine was causing great damage to the reputation of La Sierra University, the institution that these three employees had collectively served for more than 100 years, causing great frustration and anger in for these employees….”
  • “In what the employees thought was private conversation; there was some emotional
    venting….” [READ PRESS RELEASE HERE]


Let me get this straight… These “spiritual leaders” are angry enough with LSU and the Adventist Church to go against the Word of God and bring about a lawsuit. These men were busted by an audio recording that captured them cussing, belittling church leadership, and making references to the alcohol they were drinking and they think they have the right to go after important educational funds, tithes, and offerings in a lawsuit because they were encouraged to resign.

There men are digging their “self-made” hole deeper and deeper.  Instead of addressing the fact they broke Adventist university rules about drinking alcohol and the use of foul language only, they are trying to link their bad behavior to the creation vs. evolution issue.  It is a fact that Dr. Bradley and others have been teaching/supporting evolution at LSU.  The “unfounded and untrue charge of deviation from church doctrine” statement is a lie.  The bad behavior and evolution issue needs to remain separate.  These men were released from their positions at LSU because of the drinking, cussing, etc. 

Let us pray that God will lead our church leaders as they fight this unspiritual attack on His Church and truth.  May the good Lord shine bright in this dark situation at LSU. 

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