Adventist Leaders and Homosexuality

Posted on August 3, 2011


As homosexuality becomes accepted as the norm in secular society, more and more Adventists are beginning to set aside Biblical truth about the homosexual lifestyle for a water-down and weak faith. 

One Adventist minister has publicly taken a stand for accepting homosexuality as something one is born or created with.  Even though I disagree with his belief about homosexuality, I do agree with him when he says, “It is the responsibility of churches — and church leaders — to create safe and accepting communities of worship and fellowship for everyone, including our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.”  [READ MORE]

I have said it before and will say it again… All of our churches need to be safe places for people to meet Jesus and grow in His amazing grace. 

This does not mean we have to allow publicly-open rebellious people to be church leaders or even hold church membership.  Leadership and membership should be for those who know Jesus and desire to follow Him all the way.  For example… The alcoholic party life, pre-marital relationships, drug use, physical and verbal abuse, and the homosexual lifestyle are all open and rebellious “choices” that dishonor God’s amazing love and truth.     

Once a person has a passion for Jesus and desires to allow the Holy Spirit to bring about the transformation process, he or she should then be permitted to join God’s endtime Church and take up leadership roles.  Living life as an active alcoholic, drug addict, homosexual, etc. is evidence of open rebellion and advertises an unconverted heart to others.

No matter where people are in their spiritual journeys, everyone should feel accepted and loved in all of our churches. 

I dream of a day…

  • When active homosexuals feel accepted and loved in our churches (this does not include membership.  There needs to be signs of victory over sin before membership is given)
  • When people of every status (rich or poor) are treated as equals
  • When our conferences, churches, and schools are desegregated
  • When people stuck in addictions can find help and hope in our churches   
  • When all professed Christians act like Jesus

As for Adventist leaders who are trying to water-down our wonderful faith… we need to stand up and speak up for Jesus.  Leaders who will not support ALL of our 28 Fundamental Beliefs and other Biblical teachings need to be removed from influential positions (including those who do not support a six-day literal creation).  The devil is trying his best to weaken our Church in these last days and will use every opportunity and person to poison our faith and ministry effectiveness. Leaving a rebellious conference official, pastor, teacher, or professor in an influential position can bring about the spiritual death of people seeking Jesus and His truth. 

Let us spend time everyday getting to know Jesus better… as we do so, we will be prepared to shine for Him in the church setting.  Something to think about… WWJD?  What would Jesus do in church while interacting with those who are hurting and broken?


Here is some info about Adventist pastor, Ryan Bell. 

Ryan Bell is the senior pastor of the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hollywood, California and a clergy leader with LA Voice/PICO in Los Angeles. He serves on several interfaith councils including the Guibord Center and the Abrhamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative, has written numerous articles and contributed to several books, most recently, Viral Hope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs. Ryan received his Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2011.

He is co-founder and co-managing editor of The Hillhurst Review and maintains a personal blog at  [SOURCE]      

Read Ryan Bell’s pro-homosexuality article published in The Huffington Post.  [READ MORE]


Here is another Adventist pastor who supports a pro-homosexuality agenda.

Pst. Bruce Manners [READ MORE]