“What Blessing Does Christ Have For His Queer Sheep?”

Posted on September 21, 2011


How does a church family create a safe environment for the LGBT “Adventist” community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender)?  How do we show love and acceptance for those who are actively gay without compromising the Word of God?

These are questions every church should ask when preparing to do ministry for Jesus.  When Jesus walked the dusty streets of Jerusalem, people lost in sin were drawn to Him because of His kindness and love.  We need to have this same kindness and love in our churches for the LGBT community.  Instead of making rude comments about those currently active in the homosexual lifestyle in Sabbath School and church services, we need to be more sensitive to the fact that there might be people around us who are struggling with this temptation.  We must also be careful not to make unChristlike comments around other church members who might have family members who are gay.

One “Adventist” (don’t know if he is still a member) had this to say about homosexuality and Christianity…

“As a people, Christian gays, are often a people without a spiritual home. Until the church catches up with the moving of the Spirit, LGBT Christians will continue to find themselves in place of spiritual exile. As the current Christian church as a whole continues to disown their LGBT brothers and sisters in Christ, what blessing does Christ have for his queer sheep?” [SOURCE]

I do not believe the Adventist Church is lacking the Holy Spirit when it comes to our Biblical stance on homosexuality.  [Adventists Believe]

Every “active” sinner is going to feel like he or she is in spiritual exile.  Running from God is a personal choice… which means, spiritual exile is a personal choice.  God has promised spiritual freedom to every human-being, we just need to embrace the free gift of salvation and allow the Holy Spirit to bring about the transformation process.

We need to discover successful methods for reaching out and ministering to those struggling with homosexuality.  Every person is a child of God… some are surrendering their lives and passions into His hands and those are running away as fast as they can.

WWJD?  What Would Jesus Do?

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