“In a bit of a tension with the GC” – Women in Ministry Issue

Posted on November 8, 2011


The North American Division recently voted to allow women to be conference and mission presidents.  The Church leaders in the USA have created a loophole that allows them to place commissioned women in key leadership roles.  The slippery slope is becoming even more slippery. 

  1. I believe that men and women are equals in the eyes of the Creator
  2. I believe that God has created gender roles for a fallen world in need of a glimpse of His leadership
  3. I believe everyone is called to serve God in their own way
  4. I believe the Bible teaches us that men are to be the spiritual leaders in the home and church

These beliefs do not place women below men in value… Men and women were created equal, we just have different roles to play in this sin-filled world until Jesus returns to make all things perfect. 

Read my past articles about Women in Ministry and here is a link to a liberal take on the subject… [Spectrum]

From Spectrum’s article:

Two memorable quotes from (President) Dan Jackson from the NAD discussion regarding E 60 policy: “In moments of change there is always pain.” And, “It puts us in a bit of a tension with the GC.”

And in another post: I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but adding “commissioned” to the list of those who can be elected as Conference or Mission Presidents (rather than just ordained) means that qualified women may now serve in those positions. When the issue came up on the floor there was a lot of discussion and not one member of the NAD Committee spoke against it. The general consensus was so strong I think we might have passed a resolution to ordain women if one would have been proposed, … maybe at some future time.

FYI – The Church leaders in the USA are rebelling against the World Church.  The World Church has voted down this issue and many American Adventists desire to go against the rest of the Church.    

Let us pray that husbands and fathers will stop messing around and become the spiritual leaders God wants them to be in the home and church.  The Church is made of many family units… if the family units are dysfunctional, the Church will be dysfunctional.  We need to pray that we will obey God no matter what.