Pastor Dwight Nelson and Adventist Segregation

Posted on January 12, 2012


Thank you Pastor Dwight Nelson!!! 

In the video below… Pastor Nelson delivers a powerful message about Adventist segregation in the USA.  Please watch this video and prayerfully ask God what “you” can do to help encourage our Church leaders to fix this segregation problem.  I am pretty sure there will not be a white person street, black person street, etc. in heaven.  If there will not be color segregation in heaven, we might want to begin overcoming this shameful blemish before Jesus returns. 

“In an age of mixed-race malls, mixed-race pop-music charts and, yes, a mixed-race President, the church divide seems increasingly peculiar. It is troubling, even scandalous, that our most intimate public gatherings—and those most safely beyond the law’s reach—remain color-coded.” (Time 1-11-10 pp 38, 39).

Option: Click here –> STUDY GUIDE  to download and print Pastor Nelson’s sermon study guide… you can fill-in the blanks as you watch the video below.

Click here –> NAD to submit an encouraging letter to our leaders at the North American Division.  Kindly ask our Church leaders to desegregate our church family. 

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