Are We Playing Politics? (((Adventist Segregation)))

Posted on January 17, 2012


As I have continued to put forth information about Adventist segregation, people have communicated to me that they had no idea this was a problem. 

Regional Conferences (black conferences): We currently have nine regional conferences in the USA.  Each of these conferences have office buildings, insurance policies, benefits, utilities, supplies, officers, and staff… $$$

Not only are there nine individual black conferences, they also have a Office for Regional Conference Ministry that oversees the black conference work in the USA.  That is a total of ten office buildings, ten sets of officers, benefits, insurance policies, utilities, supplies, and staff… $$$ in this Adventist segregation problem.  On top of all that, they also have their own magazine printed for the Regional Conferences. 

This is thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent on conference office buildings and officers to oversee black churches and schools.  I am not counting the black pastors working in the churches, because that is something that should take place and is a service that can be justified for our tithes.

Then we have all the “white conferences” spread out across America.  From what I can count, it looks like we have 41 “white conferences” in the USA.  This is 41 office buildings, 41 sets of officers, insurance policies, benefits, utilities, supplies, and staff… $$$

We will not even begin to talk about the eight Union offices we have here in the USA… another eight buildings, eight sets of officers, etc. etc. etc…

It is no wonder our local churches and schools are suffering when we have a broken system like this.  

Below is an example of how broken our system is…

Here are two conferences located within 60 miles of each other in the same state.  Two office buildings, two sets of officers, two sets of office staff, two of everything we talked about above. 

Here are two more conferences located within 30 miles of each other in the same state.  Pennsylvania has two conference buildings, two sets of officers, etc. etc. etc.  On top of that, they also have two boarding academies within 45 miles of each other. 

The time has come for us to desegregate God’s end time church.  By doing so, we would be able to use God’s money for evangelism instead of playing politics. 

Technology gives us the ability to function more efficiently without having to put so much money into conference and union offices.  Think about… Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have Adventist radio stations and TV stations broadcasting the good news all across America instead of paying for the playing of politics?  If we were to restructure our Church, here and now, we would be able to allow local churches to keep a percentage of the tithe for the local gospel work instead of sending all up the line to be gobbled up by the playing of politics.   

What is the answer to this problem?  God know!!!  I just know we need to close some office buildings, desegregate our officers (president, secretary, treasurer and other staff members), get more workers in the field, and restructure how tithes are used. 

Let’s prayerfully ask God how we can encourage our spiritual leaders to do what is right for His endtime Church.  Please feel free to write your thoughts and comments below. 

Here is the link to the North American Division “contact us” website –> CLICK HERE  Please take the time to send our leaders a little note asking them to desegregate and restructure God’s Church so we can truly be about our Father’s business.